Extensive research efforts have resulted in the development of this superior design that effectively shreds orchard prunings up to 4” in diameter small enough to be put back on the ground, where they decompose, promoting healthier soil.


Grower and environmentally friendly, it eliminates the need to burn prunings, resulting in cleaner air and eliminates the need to monitor agricultural burn days.


Check out the Flory Powr' Track shredder in action!


About Us

Eck Brush Shredding was formerly  Giesbrecht Brush Shredding.  Giesbrecht Brush Shredding has served the north valley brush shredding needs for 7 years.  In the spring of 2011 Michael Eck who had operated the Flory Shredders for Giesbrecht acquired the business.  As the owner of Eck Brush Shredding, Michael Eck will be operating a shredder so the business will be owner operator based.  We also plan to continue serving existing customers with hopes of adding more.  We look forward for the opportunity of earning your business and servicing your shredding needs.

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