Frequently Asked Questions

To Maximize the Efficiency of the Flory Powr' Track Shredder and Minimize Your per Acre Cost:

- Never stack brush long ways (down the row).
- Stack pruning’s sideways (across the row as if you were going to push it out).
- Keep the width of the brush less than 9' wide (this is the width of the head).
- Stack whips or pruning’s without laterals on top of larger brush.
- In heavy pruning’s (continuous brush more than 3' high), stack brush every row.
- With light pruning’s, consolidate material into piles.
- Start the first pile of brush at least 2 trees into the field.
- Keep pruning’s 4" or less in diameter.
- Keep prunings in the middle of the row, and in a straight line.
- Never leave twine or wire in the brush row.
- E&L Custom Ag Services has 2 Flory Powr' Track Shredders and will operate a night crew at times to get the job done in a timely fashion.